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Pioneers in LED Technology

In constant evolution the network of companies SÓLYDI are a group of technology companies that have committed to the development of LED technology with the goal of maximizing the inherent characteristics of LED technology: The maximum energy, light and economic efficiency.

SÓLYDI was one of the first companies in the world to introduce technology into the field of lighting thanks to its extensive experience working with these devices from the 90s in which arises as a Spin Off of the University of Málaga. Pioneers in this new way, we have continued developing new concepts and ideas that revolutionize the world of lighting from the basic research applied to the development of technology in the partnership and cooperation of the company and said University of Málaga and Politécnica de Madrid.

The new way is opened strongly in the lighting world as we walk on the policy basis of the most innovative technological development, innovative design and the highest quality products that reflect the more than two decades of experience with electronic LED, which allow us to be a leader in the market today and undoubtedly the best choice at your disposal.

In a process of growing and evolution our aim is to keep improving, thanks to our vast human capital, made up of researchers, engineers and highly skilled and motivated professionals who work to achieve our goal of high quality and continuous improvement. This process is reflected in the development of patents with progress in electronics and programming to complement their products with optimized energy control.